Kaljasjärvi Midsummer Race

yojuoksu-startti-web20.6.2019 Kaljasjärvi Midsummer Race

Discover Finland’s beautiful nature by running 12,5 kilometres in Kaljasjärvi Midsummer Race in gravel routes and forest tracks.

This year we’re offering a possibility to rent a fatbike!

Race site is in Kaljasjärventie 135 in Kodisjoki about 20 kilometers from Rauma.

Family class leaves from 18 .00 to 21.00 (no timing). Race class starts at 21.00. Registration and payment at site. Please note that parking places are limited and if you’ll arrive after 20:00 it might take a little bit of time to find a parking place (there will be guides to assist you).

15 euros entry fee includes a medal, sauna and swimming and a lottery ticket. Prizes are drawn by all the runners.

Drawing of lots

Drawing of lots will start immediately after the race class start (approximately at 21:10). The prizes that are not fetched during the evening will be available for pick-up until 30.6.2019. The place for the pick-up will be announced on the Kaiku website.


There are geocaches besides the trail. You can find them by loading Geocaching-application to your phone. One of the caches is hidden by 9-year-old boy and you find it from here: N 61° 01.090 E 021° 39.210


Please feel free to ask for more information:

Mikael Kauppi
Sports Club Kodisjoen Kaiku

Konsta Kulmala
044-272 9710
Sports Club Kodisjoen Kaiku